Dysphagia Series: How to Palpate a Swallow – FREE Printable Instructions

In this article you’ll find:

1. Illustrations: Where to place your hands when palpating a swallow (including variations for men and women)
2. How to Palpate a Swallow: Step-by-step instructions
3. FREE Printable download: ‘How to Palpate a Swallow’ Instructions

First Things First

Evaluating and treating dysphagia require high levels of training and skill.

This article is intended for Speech-Language Pathologists or other qualified therapists with the appropriate training and competency to work with adults with dysphagia.

* If at any time you suspect any pharyngeal or esophageal involvement, contact the patient’s Primary Care Provider (PCP) and request a instrumental evaluation as soon as possible.

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How to Palpate a Swallow

Free Printable (PDF):

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The Home Health SLP Handbook: Everything you need to provide speech therapy to adults in the home health setting. by [Chung Hwa Brewer, Miwa Aparo]

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